The Fable of the Bee

The Queen of a hive of bees on Mount Hymettus rose up to
Olympus to make an offering of honey to almighty Zeus.
Zeus, delighted, swore that he would give her anything she
asked for.

"Wise and powerful is Almighty Zeus!" said the Queen Bee.
"Grant me, I pray you, a poison sting, so that when the humans
come to steal my honey, I may kill them."

Zeus was angry then, for he loved the race of men, but he could not break his promise. "You shall have your poison," he said, his brow like thunder. "But to use it will cost you your life. If you plunge your sting into the flesh of humankind, there it will stay, and you will die from the loss of it."

And the moral of the story is: evil wishes come home to roost.