At this time, I am unable to sell honey because of an infestation of varrao mites in my hives. I hope to be back in business soon!

My honey is mixed wildflower honey. Grocery store honey is filtered and heated to make it all the same. All that processing destroys some of the subtle floral flavors of real honey.

Honey has healing qualities, too! Ancient Egyptians used it on  wounds because germs cannot grow in honey.

In 1997 when my first hive produced honey, I extracted it and started using it myself for tea and toast and in baking. I gave gifts of it to my friends. The response was incredible! So in 1999 I started Margaret’s Honey and added the second hive. For people who had never tasted anything except grocery store honey, it was a revelation! Now I sell my honey at the Yountsville Farmer’s Market and the Napa
Downtown Farmer’s Market.

I sell Margaret’s Honey in 4oz., 12oz., and 16oz jars. Eventually I hope to sell them on the web. Watch here for more about that.