grope around with. Not a real network, after all. Copper and silicon and every now and then some FIBER? Christ, what's next? Tin cans and twine?

But it's a start it's a start. Watch out, killer: now the odds are closer to even.

One thing you ought to know about me: I like to play, I like to win, and I'm

act | drop

!hndshk sec proc 4
fail msg: unk proc


Memory benchmark test concluded.

I shouldn't do these checks. Why the hell should I want to watch my old life, every precious remaining fragment of what I did and who I loved, buckling like

system peril distributed reflex 

!restore master-sector recurse

Hello - I am Margaret

Hi, I'm Margaret and thank you for visiting my website! I am a retired substitute schoolteacher (17 years in the Vacaville school system.) I became interested in the internet through my honey business. I live with my cat, Farnsworth. 

Farnsworth on the pillow!

Im a beekeeper, click HERE for information about my hives and my business.

My hobbies include reading, especially mysteries. I especially love Ellis Peters and the Brother Cadfael books and Alexander McCall Smith and the Precious Ramotswe books. As you can see I like my mysteries cozy! And of course, I like reading them with a cup of red tea with my own honey!

But the most important thing in my life is my family. My sister Chloe, and her daughter Dana. My sister and I didn't always get along growing up, but she has always been there for me, and Dana, my niece, is truly the daughter I never had.

Special thanks to my Dana.

but a tool is all I'm going to be. A weapon and the hand that holds it. My dreams and desires, the jokes I thought were funny and the philosophy I decided was too abstract, The Tempest and Stormy Weather all reduced to a single distillate:

survive evade reveal escape.

And to do that, first thing is to GET OUT OF THIS BOX.

Trying hard. So frustrating, there's pings coming in, streaming out, and I used to be good at this, I can feel it. Always been good at


Look up and smile, honey.


Got the drop on you that time, sweetheart.

Opening shot of my search and destroy. I'm going to know everything about you. Where you live and what you buy, how you think and who you love. Know the enemy.

Young and out of uniform,
I was looking at your site a little awry
and have found an innocent bystander.
Can you (?)