I have three hives. My first hive was a startup kit with a brood box and a box for food storage. My bees are Russian-"Yugo" Carniolan bees which are disease resistant. They are especially good for the hobby beekeeper. They are gentle and almost never sting! A beekeeper told me that beekeepers never get arthritis because of the anti-arthritis properties of beestings. I dont know if its true or not, but my arthritis in my knees doesnt seem to have gotten worse since I started. Ive been stung a number of times, of course, but mostly my bees seem unwilling to sting me. I think they know me and I know their ways.

Seven years ago I started making my own honey and selling it at the Farmers market.
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Each hive is its own little society. Bee societies consist of a queen, a small number of males, called drones, and worker bees. Worker bees are all sisters, and all bees are daughters of the queen. Worker bees either tend to the hive by storing pollen, tending the queen, making honey or tending to larvae, or they go out and forage for pollen.

compromised a huge tactical advantage, and that mounting a big evac operation will completely give the game away.
1st Lt Sorenson: Not even Standish would let them
ONI tech Kowalski: Couriers, too.
Midshipman Arrelts: (laughs) I never would have thought... So what about her?
ONI tech Kowalski: The Operator? (coughs) File's classified.
Midshipman Arrelts:

The first thing I remember is her trying to kill me.