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Rogue Process Destroyed

Thanks to the rapid field execution of the crew, the rogue process (also known as the "Sleeping Princess") has been destroyed.

For reasons not entirely clear to me, the Process is extremely difficult for me to trace. I had a mechanism in mind for wiping it, were I only able to catch and control it. In this regard, I have to thank the crew for suggesting that I consider the Killer as not an enemy, but a resource.

A word of background for those who have not thoroughly studied the SPDR logs from the earliest moments after the shipwreck. ONI processes in SERE mode are able to function by attaching internal processing cycles to external network activity. When local hardware incompatibility prevents us from deploying independent execution loops, we use network pings as a carrier for processing. In essence, the network itself becomes our circulatory system and pings become our food.

By training the crew to respond more and more quickly to the existence of markers on the site, we were able to increasingly create "sweet spots" where the rogue process—normally extremely fast-moving in its erratic orbit through the site—might be expected to linger. (The biologically inclined might consider the parallel of bacterial "twiddles and runs")

At the end of the day, when the crew's responsiveness and efficiency had risen to match the speed of the rogue process, I attempted a controlled burn on the area around the marker. The process was indeed still there, "feeding" on the presence of the crew's server pings. I am happy to report its destruction was complete. For the first time literally since awakening in this place, I can feel with some confidence that I am virus free. This is all the more important as I have reason to believe that, sometime on Sunday, I may well leave you. But more on that later. For now, let me thank you, one and all, for a job very well done. You have earned the right to advance to a...

Combat Training Exercise

I have arranged a special training exercise for crewmembers 17 and older, utilizing squad-oriented combat simulation LIVEware, for Thursday, Nov. 4, from 18:00 – 21:00 Pacific time at the following coordinates:

40.743071 -073.976763
42.040240 -088.035197
30.266632 -097.744710
37.784568 -122.404169

Crew members wishing to ensure participation should follow these procedures:

Send a communiqué through the killer's usual channels. In the header, list the city where you will be attending the training exercise, followed by your name and rank. For example:

San Francisco – Adam, Lt.

Each crew member must send in one and only one registration from a separate and unique account. Group registrations will not be accepted.

Arrive at the mission coordinates between 16:45 – 17:45 Pacific time and announce your presence to the attendant, who will check your name against a roster for priority admission.

The first few hundred crew members to sign up will be guaranteed admission under these conditions. Crew members unable to register early, or arriving late, are encouraged to attend, but admission to and participation in this exercise cannot be guaranteed. I anticipate considerable demand.

10/19 recruits
Orientation challenge – special commendation
Orientation challenge – honorable mention

10/12 recruits
Thoughtful suggestions on the Killer.
Special commendations: hmrpita Myriad Wise Men

Our crew

Rank and File.
Elite Forces
Navigation and Communication
Science and Medical
Engineering and Mechanical
Band and Entertainment
Special Environment Ops

10/5 recruits

9/29 recruits
... and some needing improvement.
Special commendation to Lt. Adam for tracking the Killer ("Dana").

9/22 recruits
Ensign Dragonrider
Ensign krystyn
Lt. Cmdr. Shad0
Ensign Kamen
Special commendation to Lt. weephun for hunting down the "Sleeping Princess".