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Reconnaissance and Orientation

The Crew responded well to this task, as I knew they would.

Orientation challenge – special commendation

Orientation challenge – honorable mention


My crew suggested I should view the Killer as an asset to be deployed, rather than an enemy to be eliminated. Several pointed out her relationship with her Aunt Margaret.

"Even if the enemy is protected by high walls and deep moats, he cannot but do battle, because we attack what he must rescue."

The Killer is now currently tasked with finding a way to neutralize the Rogue Process. Send any suggestions to her through the usual channel.

10/12 recruits
Thoughtful suggestions on the Killer.
Special commendations: hmrpita Myriad Wise Men

Our crew

Rank and File.
Elite Forces
Navigation and Communication
Science and Medical
Engineering and Mechanical
Band and Entertainment
Special Environment Ops

10/5 recruits

9/29 recruits
... and some needing improvement.
Special commendation to Lt. Adam for tracking the Killer ("Dana").

9/22 recruits
Ensign Dragonrider
Ensign krystyn
Lt. Cmdr. Shad0
Ensign Kamen
Special commendation to Lt. weephun for hunting down the "Sleeping Princess".