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Mustering the Crew

I am now much more confident that our crew is numerous, well-trained, and resourceful.

Rank and File. Could use more drill instruction, but the numbers are there.

Elite Forces, including both combat and covert units.

Navigation and Communication. Axon hunting has kept these skills sharp.

Science and Medical. Crude, but all we can hope for under hopelessly primitive conditions.

Engineering and Mechanical. Question: possible to make a ship out of re-engineered axons?

Band and Entertainment. War is waiting. To make the waiting bearable matters.

Special Environment Ops. As yet, more courage than skill. Training will help.

Squads. We work much better in numbers.

Special Commendations are awarded to:

hmrpita, who needed to prove herself to me, did, with exemplary work in recruitment.

Myriad Wise Men, who commandeered a transmission of intense interest to the locals and used it as a carrier wave for spreading the news about our mission.

Further Special Commendations for work on this exercise are in process.

In the matter of the Killer, also styled "Dana", I received several thoughtful suggestions from my loyal (and ingenious) crew. On the basis of this input, I have formulated a plan and put it into action. With some ingenuity, I will also shortly be in position to neutralize the rogue process for good.

10/12 recruits

10/5 recruits

9/29 recruits
... and some needing improvement.
Special commendation to Lt. Adam for tracking the Killer ("Dana").

9/22 recruits
Ensign Dragonrider
Ensign krystyn
Lt. Cmdr. Shad0
Ensign Kamen
Special commendation to Lt. weephun for hunting down the "Sleeping Princess".