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For a first exercise, the code relay went well. Some members of the crew distinguished themselves, either by displaying superior comm. skills, or by organizing into larger squad units, or both. On a personal note, I feel as if I am getting to know you better and trust you more, as operatives, and as friends.

I am particularly grateful to those crew members, such as the Boise Squad and FluffyJester 310, who have shown special initiative in tracking down the Killer, and suggested some very creative methods of ... enforcing her cooperation or surrender. While I do not favor recklessly engaging non-combatants, I will never shrink from applying pressure in any manner that enhances the odds of mission success.

10/5 recruits

9/29 recruits
... and some needing improvement.
Special commendation to Lt. Adam for tracking the Killer ("Dana").

9/22 recruits
Ensign Dragonrider
Ensign krystyn
Lt. Cmdr. Shad0
Ensign Kamen
Special commendation to Lt. weephun for hunting down the "Sleeping Princess".