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                       The Hive
Director/Lead Designer Elan Lee Producer Susan Bonds Lead Writer/Designer Sean Stewart Technical Director/Designer Jim Stewartson Community Lead/Designer Jane McGonigal Media Producer Bob Fagan Audio Production Manager Jesse Trott Sound Design Supervisor Roland Yamamoto Managing Editor Maureen McHugh Writers Alex Irvine Wil McCarthy Maureen McHugh Senior Programmer Markus Roskothen Axon Scouts Kiyash Monsef, Ronnie Lee Cory Gonzales, Natalie Ervin, Joel Gonzales Axon Research Abigail Ladieu, Tanya Short
Original Audio Directed by Sean Stewart and Elan Lee 4orty2wo Entertainment Chief Creative Jordan Weisman President Joe DiNunzio VP Design Elan Lee CTO Jim Stewartson IT George Cook Audio Production Post Sound Facility Mix Magic, Hollywood Re-recording Mixer Mike Draghi, CAS Additional Re-recording Mixer Robert Corbett Sound Designer Stephen P. Robinson, MPSE Character Recording Gregory Jefferson Script Supervisor Kristine Greco Casting Rick Zieff Voice Talent Durga Kristen Rutherford Jan Kari Wahlgren Rani Olivia Burnette Kamal Yuri Lowenthal Jersey Zan Passante Herzog Dave Mallow Sophie Kristin Minter Operator/SP/Live Improv Kristen Rutherford Thin Kinkle/Professor Avi Arthur Hankett Jim James Bruce Nozick Hiroyuki/Additional Characters Kabir Kamboh Gilly/Additional Characters Deborah Sale Butler Sarah John/Jersey’s Mom/Mama Zaman Amy Chafee MacKaskill/Train Conductor Charles Allen Standish/Additional Characters Marc Summerdale Joe Edmund Wyson Mr. Shebura George Cheung Trevor/Mick Keeshan Giles Aide/Additional Characters Keisuke Hoashi Agent/Papa Zaman Kerrigan Mahan Jason Mark Weiler Recruiter/Thug Michael Sorich Antonio/Kevin Morales Jim Taggert Gladys/A.I. Deena Lawrence Major Danny Katiana Leah/Dora Lilly McConnell Leonora/Marta/Mrs. Lawson Shirley Stills Waitress/Additional Characters Stephanie Venditto Genie/Isabel/Cassie Tara Platt Dana Voice Mail Beth Hoffman Additional Characters Vincent Matthews Admiral/Additional Characters Wrye Martin Additional Characters Carmen Thomas Additional Characters Christopher Hartmann Additional Characters Gary Rosen Additional Characters J. Morgese Additional Characters Rami Malek Website Production Graphics YellowDuckDesign, Inc. Puzzle Design Bill Redmann, Jane McGonigal Elan Lee, Sean Stewart Jim Stewartson, Ronnie Lee Maureen McHugh Photography Kramm Gulch Dana Rachel Joelle Dana’s Mom Rachel Hardy Margaret Mary Varnarsdale DVD Authoring Guy Cochran DVD Graphics Laura Schumaker DVD Production MGS Marketing Microsoft Gaming Studios Director of Marketing, Games Chris Di Cesare Lead Product Manager, Halo 2 Cameron Payne Product Manager Craig Evans Special Thanks to: Bungie, especially Frank O’Conner, Pete Parsons, Joe Staten, Rob McLees, Scott Moran, Pablos, Philip Freeman Stacey Dodds, Stanley Stephen Huntsman, Kevin Mcleod, L’Orange Rick Zieff, Deena Lawrence, Taylor Lawrence, Soyun Shin We are incredibly grateful to Bungie for allowing us to explore the fascinating world of HALO. It was a staggering act of trust on their part, which we have tried very hard not to betray.